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[Video 6] Agile 101 #NewPMP2021 Student Manual & PMBOK 7 – Watershed Project Management PMPUL WatershedPM



[Video 6] Agile 101 #NewPMP2021 Student Manual & PMBOK 7 – Watershed Project Management PMPUL WatershedPM

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This “PMP Underline” Series is meant to cover the complete PMP Student Manual that every student gets for exam preparation which is meant for the #NewPMP exam (50% Waterfall and 50% Agile) from January 2021. Overall the PMP Student manual (issued early 2021) has the 5 lessons which cover all the 3 domains: People, Process and Business environment. Each byte-size video covers one topic from the PMP student manual.

00:00 Agenda – Agile terminologies
00:40 What is a Product Roadmap or Vision
01:00 What is a Release? How to manage an Agile Release?
02:00 What is an Iteration or Sprint?
03:18 What are Features or User Stories?
04:40 How to do Prioritization of Features or User Stories using MoSCoW?
05:17 Product and iteration backlog
05:58 MoSCoW Must have, Should have, coud have and won’t have
07:20 What is Story points in Agile?
08:10 Agile Sprint Planning Meeting
08:55 Daily Standup Meetings
09:40 Sprint Review Meeting with Customer
10:35 Sprint Retrospective for Lessons Learnt

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Hello. Welcome back to the channel. In today’s video we will talk a little bit more about agile project management and all the different terminologies that get used between the agile team members.
In our previous video we actually discussed all the different types of project methodologies and agile project management methodology is one of them if you haven’t subscribed yet remember to do that so that you get notified of all the future videos that get made and put on this channel your support means a lot to me thank you my name is Salahuddin Kazi let’s get started what we’re going to be discussing in this video is in lesson one and topic g of the student manual consider software to be a product and every product will have a life cycle and within this life cycle there will be several projects and each project will mature the product further and generally speaking every organization will have a vision and this particular product will fulfill a part of that organizational vision and hence if you remember from one of the previous videos you would have a project vision statement so what we now understand is that throughout the product life cycle you’ll have multiple projects and each of that project is called as a release and and we’re talking about software projects which typically get managed using agile project management methodology one way to understand a software project is to consider a software project to be a bunch of features or functions that need to be fulfilled and delivered from this project keep in mind that agile is an adaptive project management methodology which caters to the changes that may happen throughout the project and changes happen more frequently in an adaptive project than in a plan-driven project speaking of plant-driven project the way that you manage your plan driven project is by managing the scope and that’s why it’s important that all of the scope is predefined so that you can continue further with the project plans now in agile project management we know that changes are constant so managing the project by controlling the scope or managing the scope may not be an effective technique the trick to manage the agile project is that instead of controlling through scope you control with time.

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