About Watershed Project Management 

Wa·ter·shed  /ˈwôdərˌSHed,ˈwädərˌSHed/
Meaning: A turning point, or a great moment; an event marking a unique or important change of course or one on which important developments depend.From Spain to Qatar, Watershed Project Management, PMP Training and Consulting

Watershed Project Management (WatershedPM) is pleased to introduce Project Management, Quality Management and Business Process Management Consulting and Training Services in the GCC / Middle East by strategically partnering with Greenlight Project Management (R.E.P with PMI) from Madrid, Spain and QMSISO from UAE.

WatershedPM was established in December 2014 and has been serving the GCC region since then. We are engaged with ‘Specialized Training Center’ in Doha as our Facilities Partner and are located in IPCS Training Center, First Floor, Fereej Al Ali, Doha, Qatar, which houses our fully equipped classrooms and provides a conducive environment for learning.

Our Vision

  • To ensure Client Partner delight by strategically engaging all stakeholders and optimally co-creating Value through sustainable and responsive models

Our Mission

  • To be recognized as a leading partner of choice for Project and Quality Management Consulting, Training and Services
  • Work together with our Customers towards success, improving Project Culture, Practices, Quality and Business Processes

Our Business Strategic Objectives

  • Excellent Consulting Services by engaging the right Consultants
  • Provide Consultants with hands-on Project Management experience
  • Project Management Office (PMO) setup and support
  • Establish Quality Management Systems (QMS)
  • Enhance and develop Business Processes
  • High quality and effective knowledge transfer